Monday, December 9, 2013


Call for Papers

Explorations: A Graduate Student Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Destabilizing Centers and Peripheries:
Re-examining Approaches to the Study of Southeast Asia
The history and present condition of Southeast Asia has been very much shaped by hierarchical arrangements specific to its global and local context, including colonialism, state-sponsored nation-building, the international capitalist economy as well as globalization. These arrangements have been highly influential in the manner in which academics have organized knowledge and have created categories through which that knowledge is presented.
Explorations is looking for papers that re-examine established approaches to the study of Southeast Asia. We are particularly interested in papers that destabilize or problematize existing categories and approaches in the light of contemporary research. In raising these questions, it is possible to consider alternative ways of thinking about Southeast Asia, both past and present. We encourage submissions from all fields of study, topics and time periods.
Possible topics (but not limited to) to explore:
    *    Typologies of political systems, e.g. authoritarianism, patrimonial democracy, bureaucratic polity
    *    Periodization of, or transitions within, Southeast Asian history e.g. Angkor and post-Angkor; colonial and post-colonial
    *    Formations of power: top-down or bottom-up
    *    State-centered approaches to the production of knowledge
    *    Constructions of gender
    *    Change and continuity: production of visual, written, or oral culture
    *    Diversity/homogeneity: exploring identities in their production, consumption and perpetuation
Deadline for paper submission:
Friday, February 14, 2014

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