Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thai social science data at the Population Studies Center, University of Michigan

The Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan has recently archived data from the various Thai research projects Professor Emeritus John Knodel has been doing for the last four decades. It is now available to other researchers. In some cases researchers will need to apply for approval from the College of Population Studies at Chulalongkorn University but for others it is publicly available without prior approval. Below is a listing of the projects. 
Comparative Study of Asian Elderly-Focus Groups, 1996 [Singapore,
Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand] (740)
Contraceptive Prevalence Survey 2, 1981 (1322)
Contraceptive Prevalence Survey 3, 1984 (1327)
Demographic Health Survey: Thailand (1333)
Extramarital Sex Focus Groups, 1994 [Thailand] (1295)
National Longitudinal Survey of Social, Economic, and Demographic: Round 11969-70
Change in Thailand: Round 1 (1329)
National Longitudinal Survey of Social, Economic, and Demographic Change in Thailand: Round 2 1972-73(1330)
National Survey of Family Planning Practice, Fertility, and Mortality in Thailand (1332)

To access any of them just go to: 
To pull up the full list just put the name Knodel in the investigator cell. 
To get a specific study only enter the study name or number.

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