Thursday, February 13, 2014

CFP: Reimagining Indonesia: Ideals, Actions, and Challenges

2014 will witness the emergence of a new national leader from the upcoming Presidential election in Indonesia. Once again, the question of development has been bought to the fore, upon which hope of national progress rested. Recognizing the importance of a visionary and systematic transformation, the Indonesian people look forward to seeing better management of national resources, which should be liberated from the grip of elite interests and dedicated instead toward the greater good of public sovereignty.
Rising above the excitement of the national elections, the 2014 Yale Indonesian Forum Spring Dialogue seeks to revitalize discussions on how local and regional cultures could invigorate considerations on the development policies of the new regime. What are the viable alternatives for future development in Indonesia? What has been missing from the discussions of the new leadership in Indonesia and the future of the nation and how the nation is re-imagined? What might be other modes of thinking, inquiry, knowledge, practices, and spaces of explorations, development, and potentials available in local and regional areas in Indonesia that will enable us to reimagine Indonesia? How can the new visions of Indonesia be realized? How can the new visions mobilize and unite the diverse cultures and interests across the archipelago? What are the challenges lying in the broad spectrum of cultural, social, political and ecological variability?
Endowed with rich resources and cultural diversity, Indonesia does not face a paucity of ideas to tackle the challenges arising from resource mismanagement. The effort to re-imagine a vibrant and sustainable Indonesia will depend on a deep grasp of existing problems, the quality of the vision and the commitment of substantive implementation.
In alignment with this aim and theme, the Yale Indonesian Forum (YIF) and Cor­nell Indonesian Association (CIA) invite paper submissions for their 11th Northeastern Con­ference on Indonesia. We welcome submissions from graduate and undergraduate stu­dents from any disciplines at any stage engaged in original research on Indonesia related to the themes highlighted above. While these themes will certainly be highlighted in the program, proposals not directly related to the themes above are also explicitly encouraged.
The program will begin on FRIDAY, APRIL 11TH, 2014 at Yale University, New Haven, CT with an interactive 2014 YIF SPRING DIALOGUE featuring 3 invited scholars with various areas of expertise, who have researched and written extensively about Indonesia. Attendees are encouraged to join the dialogue. There will be a moderator assisting the dialogue.
ON SATURDAY, APRIL 12TH, 2014, the discussion continues through the 11th northeastern YIF-CIA CONFERENCE ON INDONESIA with a keynote address by Professor R. William Liddle, The Ohio State University and paper presentations by students.
Please contact organizers at  if you have any question(s) regarding the dialogue and the conference. The participants are encouraged to seek funding from their home institutions. The conference committee will provide accommodation for selected contributors.
Please submit your proposal in .doc or .docx file only. The proposal is limited to 350 words. Please include in your proposal the description of your project, the research questions, perspective(s) or theoretical framework, methods, substantiated conclusions/tentative key findings, and the significance of the work. In addition to your proposal, please provide a short reference (at the end of your proposal), situating your work.

 -name (and co-pre­senters (if any))
 -institutional affilia­tion(s)
 -status (undergraduate or grad­uate)
 -title of the paper/presentation
-email address
 -phone number with­in the body of the email.
Proposal Submission Deadline:
MARCH 14, 2014 AT 12 A.M. EST
Notification of Acceptance:
by March 22, 2014 (via email)

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