Monday, March 10, 2014

CFP: Mindfulness, Education and Transformation

Call for papers International Conference: Mindfulness, Education and Transformation

Individual research papers are invited on the following themes (but not restricted to):

* Scientific research of mindfulness: the issues related to research methods
* Mindfulness, cognition and consciousness
* Mindfulness in Buddhist traditions
* Current interpretations of mindfulness and the implications
* Mindfulness, loving kindness, compassion and ethics
* Applications of mindfulness in education (early childhood, primary and secondary schools): research, issues, new directions
* Research of different techniques of mindfulness, appropriate for school environments
* Mindfulness training for teachers
* Mindfulness as a method of conflict transformation: personal and interpersonal, in school environments and beyond
* Integration of mindfulness and loving kindness as a transformation method

Paper proposals

Abstracts of maximum 250 words are to be submitted by 30 April 2014 to t.ditrich(at)

Notification of acceptance will be given by 23 May 2014.

Dr Tamara Ditrich
Nan Tien Institute, Australia

Visit the website at

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