Thursday, August 28, 2014

CFP: Wars, Memories and Cities: Relationships among wars, cities, and memories in twentieth century Asian literature

2015 ACLA Call for papers: 

250-word abstracts and short CV. by Sept 2014; Yu Min Claire Chen (
At the turning of the twentieth century, with the rapid rise of modern industrial nations utilizing military power and sea exploration, the east encountered the west more fully than ever before. Within the backdrop of modernization, globalization, internal strife and international wars followed by colonization among nations; competition, conflict and influences across nations became evident. Social, economic structure, and traditional values had been confronted, challenged, and overturned. The panel solicits papers to explore literary works from the list below:

  • The impacts of international/ internal wars, such as life changing events, changes of values, identities, languages. Perspectives from different nations on the same war.
  • The destruction and construction of cities. City as a symbol of loss, nostalgia toward the past, uncertainties toward the future, decadence, energy. City as a space of heaven/ infernal, a space that conjures up the past in ruins, making stories and dreams turn real. 
  • Tragedy, trauma, and memories between the collective and the individual.  Different literary genres that depict narratives of memories.

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