Monday, October 20, 2014

CFP: Shari'a and its Implementations in Southeast Asia

I am proposing a panel titled Shari'a and its implementation in Southeast Asia for the upcoming AAS-Asia Conference, Motion: Ideas, Institutions, Identities Conference, which will take place in Taiwan, June 22-24, 2015. The aim of this post is to find people planning to attend this conference, who would be interested in creating a panel that would focus on the subject from a  variety of angles: Law, Social Sciences, Sociology etc.
The aim of the panel would be to determine how important is the Sharia law in southeast Asia, if de facto it is possible  to establish a solid jurisprudence based only on the Quran and Al-fiqh, also what I would like to analyze during the panel is the influence of religious law on the status of non-Muslim citizens in countries of SEA, what is their status and how it is internationally perceived within Asia. How the  Asian Muslim community stands out, and what are the jurisprudential implications of shari’a changes made to the local/national law, lastly is it a question of faith or just a way to gain political support, and what are other secondary reasons.
Those of you that would be interested in joining the panel please contact me at
Should you have any other questions feel free to write .

Maciej Mackowiak
Adam Mickiewicz University
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Malay Philology

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