Monday, March 14, 2016

Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts

The University of Pennsylvania and National Library of Laos have launched the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts at as a resource for the study of traditional literature from this region. At present, the digital library contains images of over 4,200 manuscripts which can be searched and viewed online or freely downloaded, and to which more manuscripts will be added.
The database contains four collections: digitized microfilms from the Preservation of Northern Thai Manuscripts Project (with permission of Chiang Mai University Library), digitized microfilms and also handwritten copied of manuscripts made in the early 1970s during research conducted by Harald Hundius, and directly-digitized manuscripts made during the current digital library project.
All digitization was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, and the digital library project was funded by The Henry Luce Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The project was implemented by the National Library of Laos, based on the existing Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts (   

We hope that the digital library will be a useful resource for the study of traditional literature from this region. In order to make it as widely available as possible, your assistance in announcing it through your own networks would be greatly appreciated. Feedback on the site is welcome.

Justin McDaniel (DLNTM Project Leader, University of Pennsylvania)
Harald Hundius (DLNTM Local Project Leader, National Library of Laos)
David Wharton (DLNTM Technical Director, National Library of Laos)

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