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CFP: Religion, Ethnicity and Economic Performance: New Concepts and Empirical Applications

Call for Papers

Religion, Ethnicity and Economic Performance:
New Concepts and Empirical Applications

March 5-6, 2015

How do religion, ethnicity and economic performance relate to each other?  How is religious or ethnic affiliation reflected in economic performance, and vice versa?  Is there any connection between the three at all?  New historical research has shown that secularization remains a vague phenomenon and religion has not lost its impact on social and economic processes.  Similarly, sociological and economic studies have emphasized the continuous economic importance of religious factors through the present day.  Economic performance of religious and ethnic minority groups often vary greatly from the majority population.  This phenomenon raises fundamental questions of how religion and ethnicity influence economic performance in different societies, at different times.

More specifically, it can be argued that religious and ethnic affiliation affects social norms, institutions, social networks, as well as cultural practices such as business practices (e.g. Islamic banking) or the formation of trust. In a wider sense, it also provokes more complex questions of how the experience of migration, discrimination, inclusion and exclusion, and in-group dynamics shape economic orders and business cultures of ethnic/religious groups.

This workshop aims to bring together and discuss research from a historical, social science and cultural studies perspective, guided by the following overarching questions:

-       How does religious and ethnic affiliation influence economic performance, for example by shaping social and cultural norms or institutions?

-       How does economic practice affect the cohesion and historical development of religious and ethnic communities?

-       What theoretical, methodological and empirical insights can we learn from an interdisciplinary approach to the study of religion, ethnicity and economic performance?

We encourage both new empirical studies and theoretical concepts from different fields of research (History, Sociology, Jewish Studies, Theology, Anthropology, Economics of Religion, etc.).  In particular, we are interested in case studies about different religious/ethnic minority groups and their economic history, e.g. Jews, Armenians, Catholics, Protestant denominations, Roma and Sinti, Chinese, Mexicans, etc..  It is our expressed interest to explore the raised questions with an interdisciplinary approach.

Applications from senior, postdoctoral and advanced doctoral level scholars are welcome.

The workshop will be held in Berlin on March 5-6, 2015.

Stefanie Fischer, PhD, stefanie.maria.fischer@uni-potsdam.de, Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg/Potsdam University, Germany
Martin Lutz, PhD, martin.lutz@hu-berlin.de, History Department, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Ariane Wessel, M.A.,ariane.wessel@geschichte.hu-berlin.de
History Department, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Please send a short abstract (maximun 300 words) and CV (maximum one page) by March 31, 2014 to: stefanie.fischer@orinst.ox.ac.uk

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