Friday, April 8, 2016

Vinya Sysamouth (Center for Lao Studies) Job Announcement

Center for Lao Studies
Job Announcement
Program Director


Founded in 2006 the mission of the Center for Lao Studies (CLS) is to advance knowledge and engagement in the field of Lao Studies through research, education and information sharing. The Program Director is a key staff member of CLS. Reporting to the Executive Director, he/she provides planning and program leadership in all areas of the Center for Lao Studies. The Program Director is responsible for program management, development, recruitment strategies, promotion, outreach, fundraising, and assessment and evaluation. CLS's programs includes: Lao Oral History Archive, Summer Study Abroad in Laos, Publications, Journal of Lao Studies, Lao TLC, and the International Conference on Lao Studies. This position is based at our San Francisco office.   

Estimate % of time    Key Responsibilities
25%    Program Planning and Development
*    Work collaboratively with different national and international institutions on various CLS programs. 
*    Oversee planning, scheduling and organizing various programs deadlines and implementations. 
*    Monitor enrollment, on-line memberships, applications, and other program logistics. 
*    Work collaboratively with contractors and IT person. 

25%    Program Management
*    Manage day-to-day program operations. 
*    Keep track of program operational expenses, including program contractors' payments. 
*    Work closely with the Executive Director to implement, up keep, recruit, and maintain program memberships. 
*    Assist in updating CLS website with relevant and current information on the programs.

25%    Program Promotion/Fundraising
*    Promote CLS programs through mass email, on-line social network, posters, flyers, and presentations. 
*    Outreach to potential donors, members, students, and program participants. 
*    Work with the Executive Director to write articles and press releases to promote CLS and its programs. 
*    Work with the Executive Director and a grant writer to provide data for grant proposals.  
*    Explore potential grants for program sustainability and expansion by research and networking.  

25%    Program Evaluation
*    Implement consistent program evaluation practices to guide planning and decision-making and support efforts at continuous improvement. 
*    Evaluate program sustainability.
*    Provide evaluative data for grant applications and other development efforts. 
*    Work closely with the Executive Director to provide grant reports to funders. 


*    Must be US Citizen or Resident
*    Bachelors Degree required 
*    Masters Degree preferred 
*    Excellent interpersonal skills 
*    Minimum 2-3 years experience in the nonprofit sector 
*    Minimum 2-3 years of management experience 
*    Self-motivated 
*    Strong organizational skills 
*    Strong facilitation Skills 
*    Decisive 
*    Good writing and communication skills 
*    Willing to travel
*    Willing to work some nights and weekends 
*    Demonstrated belief in the Center for Lao Studies' mission and values 
*    Knowledge of the Lao language is a plus, but not necessary 


This is a one year temporary position that may be extended or become a permanent full time position. It is a contract position, half-time, 20 hour work week.

Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

The mission of the Center for Lao Studies is to advance knowledge and engagement in the field of Lao Studies through research, education and information sharing.
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